Beware of Genuineness of Saffron for Sale by Online or Offline Vendor

Saffron is most expensive spice that is used in foods, medications, and beauty products in almost every part of the globe. It is tiny, but its price is too big. The reason is its tedious process of cultivation and associated labor cost to make it ready for use. It is a job of labor that has special skill to tease stigmas of crocus sativus flower to create consumable saffron. Iran is the top producer and leading exporter of saffron in the world. Spain is another leading exporter and India is also good producer of saffron threads. The price of saffron is going higher because of excessive demand, but there is a limitation to its aggregate cultivation capacity for all major countries that cultivate saffron.

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Problems relating to saffron for sale

Saffron is an expensive spice, but still very high in demand across the globe owing to its multiple benefits and is used by different industries in their premium products. The medicinal benefits of this product are too many. Low production and high demand affects it pricing and increase possibility of entering some saffron vending companies that may mix spurious saffron for sale with genuine product. It is hard to differentiate between the real and fake because people are not familiar with real saffrons aroma and special taste, and it is very easy for vendors to mix the fake with real saffron. Adulterated saffron poses many health hazards as some experts says. Thus, paying a high price for spurious product is not a wise policy, but the consumers have no solution.

Where to buy real saffron

The question is of buying this exotic product in its pure and authentic form. There are many offline as well as online vendors that offer saffron for sale, but the problem is of authenticity. There is one option to buy saffron from trusted vendor whatever the price may be and that saffron must have certification of government food regulatory authority.








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