How to detect a fungal infection?

There are many infections that can affect the toenails and mimic similar symptoms such as the fungal ones, thus it’s advisable to visit a doctor for diagnosis for best toenail fungus treatment. The doctor will take a scraping of the affected nail for further examination under the microscope to identify presence or signs of fungus if any. In most cases, the doctor may recommend you to send the sample for lab testing for specific analysis and identification of fungal infection.

Some tips to prevent toenail fungal infections

A few simple lifestyle changes can help in prevention of fungal infections, especially on toenails. Firstly, it’s best to take good care of your nails by always keeping them trimmed and clean. While cleaning too its best to avoid causing any injury to the skin around your nails. Some of the distinct ways to prevent development of fungal infections on nails include:

best toenail fungus treatment

-Washing hands after touching infected part of your nail

-Using antifungal sprays and powders whenever required

-Drying feet well, especially between toes after showering or cleaning your feet during pedicure treatments

– Ensuring that beauty treatments taken at salons are trustworthy and well sanitized

– Wearing breathable socks that minimize locking of moisture

– Avoiding walking barefoot in public places

– Reducing the use of artificial nails, nail polish, etc. that burden the nail and reduce its natural capacity to breathe

For many people, a fungal nail infection can be difficult to cure and may need best toenail fungus treatment. In most occasions, until a new nail grows to replace the existing infected nail, it can’t be considered as cured. However, despite growth of a new nail, sometimes the fungal infection may remain and repetitively infect or obstruct the growth of the new nail. In extreme cases, fungus infections can permanently damage your toenail, where your dermatologist may suggest removal of the nail itself.




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