The range of use and features of laser marking and engraving

Among all existing methods of engraving and marking laser is the most producible. These methods can be used for various purposes, beginning from jewelry decoration and finishing with heavy-duty production.

Read about things that make laser marking and engraving different. Make a choice which method will do well for you. If you need more useful information on laser processing, take a look at this article atHeatSign.

Ways of usage of laser marking and engraving

Here are the most common cases of applying:


  • Thedecorationofdomesticappliances
  • QR-codes, UID codes, barcodes, logos and other identification purposes
  • Protectionfromfalsification
  • Functional marking (size, volume etc.)



Features of laser marking process

Marking is a process of drawing information on materials. IIt is useful for the identification of manufactured articles. It is one of the leading processes in modern industry. It helps a producer with the promotion of goods and giving all necessary information about products. It helps a producer with the promotion of goods. It is the slow shuffle of a low power ray upon material by a method called decolorizing.

The method creates high contrast spots without damaging the surface of a material. The laser heats material causing oxidation under surface, painting material black. If we concern the question laser marking vs laser engraving, here are its peculiarities:

  • This service is less common and few companies perform it
  • It is also mentioned as painting, dark marking, plastic carbonization or metal anneal
  • There are four main types: anneal, carbon migration, painting, and foaming

Possibilities of laser marking engraving

Engraving is a technological process with the purpose of getting drawings or images on goods surface. The term of maintenance is high. In comparison with marking graving is distinguished by bigger amounts of evaporated material. High temperatures of the laser cause it. The process is fast, as the material evaporates with every impulse. The result is a cavity on the surface that can be seen and touched.

Though graving is a subdivision of marking, it has its own peculiarities:

  • There are three main types of graving: pickling treatment, deep engraving, and ablation. (The difference between these methods is the amount of deleted material and type of surface)
  • It is not ideal for marking of vital and fragile details
  • The max depth of metal engraving is 0,020 inches, and with materials like graphite it can reach 0,125 inches
  • Engraving is the fastest way of leaving a sign
  • As a rule, it is used for engraving serial numbers and logos
  • You can grave on almost every kind of metal, wood, plastic, leather or glass

Difference between laser engraving and etching


Laser etching (pickling treatment) is a part of engraving and appears when heat from laser beam causes melting of the material surface. Melted metal expands and causes high marking. Instead of engraving, the depth usually does not exceed 0,001 inches.

Term etching also refers to the chemical treatment of the material.

The main difference is the way of gaining oxidation of the surface. Chemical etching has got a reaction between a metal and different solutions as a basis. It results from this that etching is used only for marking metals while graving can be applied to various materials.

What is the most popular laser cutting engraving machine?

The most well-spread instrument in the sphere of engraving is laser gravers CO2. They work due to the production of long infrared radiation beams by molecules of carbon dioxide. The majority of these engravers cannot work with pure metal. They can deal with a special coverage: enameled brass, anodized aluminum etc.

They have the most efficient characteristics comparing with other engravers. The other types of engravers (vanadate lasers, fiber lasers etc.) are highly tailored and are able to work with pure metal. The field of their application is narrow, usually, they are used for marking metals.

As you can see, both methods have a relationship but differ in some significant options. Thechoicedependsonyourneedsandgoals.

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